Life in the Slum

Through our eyes



We will never change our lives until we change something we do daily. Success does not just suddenly occur one day in someone’s┬álife; for that matter neither does failure. Each is a process. Every day in our life is merely preparation for the next. What we become is the result of what we do today. In other words we are preparing for something. At this juncture we proudly present to you a photo exhibition set by the Zinduka Lab. Zinduka Lab is not a school, university or an advertising agency but is simply a creative laboratory, talent incubator, a studio of all sorts which young modern artists from the slum come and develop innovative projects and explore new directions in myriad avenues of communication, design, photography, journalism, video, publishing and the internet. It is a workshop in the heart of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

“Life in the slum – through our eyes” is a book containing a selection of pictures taken by a group of students living in the slum. The pictures represent their experiences. These pictures take you through a journey in the slum; the environment, the people, the business and other activities. Intriguing emotions conquering hearts of men. You can close your eyes to things you do not want to see but you cannot close your hearts to things you do not want to feel. A life not only of misery and despair but also of courage, pride and lust for life. A succession of faces, sites, immortalized moments to narrate the lives of millions of souls living in the slums of Africa.

Adriano Castroni of Afrikasi equipped us with photography course and has been a constant guide and mentor from January 2003 when this project started up-to-date and gave us an opportunity to pour out our hearts allowing us to express our emotions through these pictures. The photos of the exhibition are the best picked from the book Life in the slum. We highly welcome you to the inauguration of this event. Discover on your own, the vivid image of the slum by visiting the exhibition. Be the change you want in the world; buy a picture, a postcard, calendar or a t-shirt and change a life of a child. The proceedings from the sale of this book will be used to finance the “Afrikasi Deep Sea educational project” and education for children in the slums of Nairobi.

Antony Mwangi – Deep Sea Slum, Nairoby, Kenya